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You ask what is a SPUD RUN?

Once again the Potato Days Festival has come up with another great usage for Potatoes!  What better way than to watch drivers race modified radio
controlled trucks through 75 pounds of mashed potatoes in a 4 inch deep, 18 foot long stretch! Contestants are timed through the course. Anyone can attend if you think your RC has the torque and horsepower to make it.

The Spud Run is being sponsored by Hobby Hut in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Show starts on Saturday at 12:00 noon rain or shine in the south end of the Assumption Church parking lot.

Contestant Registration opens at 11:30 am at the event.

$10 for your first RC vehicle
$5 for each additional RC vehicle

Email Bryan at or call Hobby Hut at 218-233-5590

To download the official Spud Run Registration form in Adobe Acrobat,Acrobat Logo 2016 Spud Run Registratin Form


The Spud Run is sure to provide a unique way to use spuds!

Sponsored by

Hobby Hut

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