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Hundreds of bowls of potato Soup are served each year during the Potato Soup Feed at the American Legion Club in Barnesville, Minnesota.

From the time of the very first Potato Days Festival, Potato Soup, or "potet soup" as it was commonly called, has always played an important role in the days activities. Originally the soup was served downtown free of charge to festival goers and attracted hundreds of people until the last drop was gone.

Today, the tradition continues, in a little bit different format. The Potato Soup Feed is held at the Barnesville American Legion Club from 12:00 to 4:00 on Saturday or until the soup runs out! The cost of the soup feed is $2.00 but $1.50 if wearing a potato days button. The buttons can be purchased for $3.00 in most business places before the festival begins and at the souvenir booth during the festival.

Secrecy surrounds the actual recipe for the Potato Days Soup. All we know is that the cooks at the American Legion are sure to serve up a mighty tasty bowl. Stop by and taste a little piece of history.