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Can't imagine there is a song about lefse? Yes, there is!

(May be sung to the tune of "Camptown Races")

Norsky ladies sing dis song...Uff Da! Uff Da.
Bake dat lefse all day long...all da Uff Da day.
Bake it till it's almost brown...Uff Da! Uff Da.
Makes you yump yust like a clown...all da Uff Da Day.

Gonna bake all night...gonNa bake all day
I'll spend my money on potatoes and flour...
To have me an Uff Da day.

Vent down town for some lutefisk...Uff Da! Uff Da!
De vedder vas so cold and brisk, all da Uff Da day.
Used my lefse for a Mackinaw...Uff Da...Uff Da
Greatest yacket I ever saw...Lefse saved da day.

Vent to town in my Model T...Uff Da...Uff Da.
Tire vent flat and I said "poor me." Vas an Uff Da day
Used dat lefse for a patch...Uff Da...Uff Da!
Now I gotta bake me anodder batch...Oh da Uff Da day.

Last vinter I lost my undervear...Uff Da! Uff Da!
But dis Norvegian didn't care...all da Uff Da day.
Sewed some lefse into BVD's...Uff Da...Uff Da.
Fixed me up so I didn't freeze...all da Uff Da day.

Ven day ask me how I spell "relief"...Uff Da...Uff Da
I tell dem lefse saves me grief, any Uff Da day
Don't need Rolaids or Di-Yell...Uff Da, Uff Da
Yust give me lefse and I'll get well, any old Uff Da day.