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Following is a list of the rules and regulations for the Potato Picking Contest to be held at Barnesville on the last weekend in August.

Field: The field shall be an even field of potatoes, relatively clean of weeds, to be located near Barnesville.

Time: Contest will start with the sound of a whistle at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

Entrants: There shall be no restrictions as to sex or locality. All pickers must be 14 & older. Any participant under the age of 18 must have a registration form signed by a parent/guardian. Registration will be limited to the first 12 entrants.

Method of Picking: There shall be no restrictions as to the method of picking, except that the potatoes must be put into sacks furnished by the officials. They may take as many sacks as they think will get them through, but if they run out they can get more. At opening of contest, contestants shall be set on their row all ready, with sacks tied about them, if they pick that way.

Rows: The potatoes shall be dug by a two row power potato digger and the two rows shall be Ieft in a single row on the field. The contestants shall pick on adjoining rows, down the field.

Baskets: Pickers may choose to bring their own baskets or baskets will be available at the event. There shall be no restrictions on the type of baskets used.

1. Contestants starting to pick before the opening whistle shall be disqualified, as well as those picking after the closing whistle.

2. Gleaners shall pick immediately behind each contestant and each pound of gleanings shall count off 5 pounds from the total weight of potatoes picked.

3. Each pound of dirt, vines and stones in bags of picked potatoes shall count off 5 pounds from total weight.

1. The judges may be potato growers or others.

2. There shall be one judge for each picker.

3. No judge shall be judge of a picker from his neighborhood.

4. Each judge shall follow behind his picker and gleaner; and shall see that contestant starts and stops on time and that fair play is done by both picker and gleaner.

5. Each judge shall mark each bag of potatoes picked by his contestant with a tag giving contestant's name, gleaner's name and judge's signature; and shall seal same.

6. Each judge shall be present at the weighing of the potatoes; and he shall see that all bags are on hand, untampered with.

7. The judges together shall see that the cleaning of the dirt, rock and vines shall be fairly done and that the weighing is correct.

8. The judges shall together decide the winner of the contest.

Size of Potato: All potatoes that go over a 3/4 inch screen shall be considered a potato; and all such potatoes must be picked either by contestant or gleaner. Contestants shall not be penalized for picking potatoes smaller than this; and such potatoes in gleanings must not be used against contestant.

Winner: The contestant who has the highest total pounds of potatoes to his credit after deducting penalties for short weight of sacks, gleanings and dirt, vines and rock, shall be the winner.

Trophy: The winner shall be presented with a Cash prize.

Interpretation of Rules: The rules shall be interpreted by the chairman of the Potato Picking contest.

Change of Rules: These rules are subject to change, up to the beginning of the contest.

Judges and rows will be chosen by lot.


The Barnesville Potato Days Festival uses the same rules that were developed for the 1938 contest.